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Early season variety

An early season feijoa with very dark (greenstone) colour skin. Medium size fruit with rich, smooth, aromatic taste.

Apart from ‘Unique’ which is reliably self fertile, all feijoa varieties are only at best partly self fertile. Cross pollination between two (or more) different varieties will ensure good fruit set and fruit quality. This is because good pollination produces many tiny seeds, which leads to larger and better shaped fruit and a greater proportion of pulp.  Due to the long flowering season, any combination of varieties seems to provide sufficient cross pollination.

Pollination is generally undertaken by birds, which are attracted to the brightly coloured flowers. Blackbirds in the South Island and a combination of blackbirds and mynas in the North Island are the main pollinators. Trees should be pruned to allow the birds to freely fly around and through the bush, therefore an open centre shape is recommended. A dense habit will reduce flowering and pollination.